Rated short-time thermal current Ith: < 60Ipr Rated dynamic current Idyn : 2,5Ith Instrument security factor (FS): ≤ 5 Rated secondary current Isr : 1-5A Max. power dissipation ≤ 7W at Icth ≤ 11.5W at Icth Allowed max cable or busbar temperature: 125°C INSULATION REQUIREMENTS Type Dry transformer, air …


Alibaba.com offers 4,673 1a 5a current transformer products. A wide variety of 1a 5a current transformer options are available to you, such as usage, phase, and coil structure.

A wide variety of 1a 5a current transformer options are available to you, such as usage, phase, and coil structure. 1A&5A Output ; mA & Voltage Output; Clamp on Current Transformer. 1-10A Clamp on CT; 10-100A Clamp On CT; 10-200A Clamp On CT; 100-800A Clamp on CT; 1000-3000A Clamp on CT; 800-1000A Clamp on CT; Current Switch; Low Voltage Current Transformer. Din-Rail Current Transformer; Miniature Current Transformer. 010A Input; 010V Output; 0.1% class; For Common Protection Current Transformer, 5 A, 100:1, 50 Hz, 400 Hz, Chassis, EFCT Series. LITTELFUSE 2011-04-16 2013-12-27 DBP Split Core CT 1A or 5A Output. Jiangyin Spark The DBP series Split Core Current Transformer has been specially designed to facilitate their installation in new or already existing net works.

5a 1a current transformer

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2 244, F&F PR-603 with the receiver's current cord section, contatc. 383,00 F&F TR-08 mains transformer 8VA, I=1A. IN: 100-240VAC OUT: 24-28VDC/5A | Power Supply DC | Power Supply Units. Input current, 1.3 A (100 V AC); 0.61 A (240 V AC). Inrush current after 1 ms  av J Selimovic · Citerat av 1 — coil earthing lowers the fault current by compensating the capacitive currents. Since the share of of the power transformers, investigate the transformer tank's impact on it, and to develop a I figur 2.1.1a ses en spänning V1 ligga över primärlindningen som driver en ström.

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Safety Notice. Current transformers (CTs) are intended to be used as proportional current devices. In the case of CTs providing a 1A or 5A secondary 

The secondary current ratings are typically 5A, 1A and 0.1A. The corresponding current primary ratings  400/5A. 10VA kl.0,5 Fs5. ID>30mm. A current transformer is an instrument that trans- forms one current dard level (1A or 5A), which in turn permits the use.

Current Transformer was used to change the high primary current to low 3000/ 5A. 5A/1A. 10VA - 15VA. 7.5VA-10VA. 10VA - for Is=5A. SDH - 130 X 80. 4000/ 

5a 1a current transformer

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Next Day Delivery Buy Ring Core Transformer, 30VA, 2x 15 VAC, 2 x 1A. Ring Core  up to 600VAC systems with a choice of either a 1A or 5A current transformer input.

The CT-MS 1 A and 5 A Secondary Current Transformer offers a compact, cost-effective means of measuring primary current. These current transformers provide an easy-to-install method to measure AC current, producing a 0–1 A and 0–5 A output proportional to the current flowing through the sensing window.
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AC current transformer at a low price, rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz. Current ratio can choose 50/5A, 100/5A, 300/5A, 600/A to 800/5A, direct sales by manufacturer.

1a and 5a Current Transformer Operation Current transformers are designed for current metering and protection purposes and high-voltage network systems.

error at an accuracy limit factor. In simple terms this means how accurate the current transformer will remain when the primary current flowing is many times higher than in normal conditions i.e. in a fault situation. The classification of protection current transformers follows the …

• Measurement units. • Control relays. • etc. Current transformers convert primary rated current to a proper current level (1A…5A) which can be used by metering or protection devices.

A cl. 0.5. VA cl. 1. VA cl. 3. VA. Code.